Navy apartment in Gdansk

Navy apartment in Gdansk

Navy apartment in Gdansk

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This modern 42 square meter apartment is situated in Gdansk, Poland and was designed by Helena Michel (Michel Design). The one bedroom apartment with open space living room and kitchen/dining, spacious bathroom and hallway.
Home decor is based on the mix of timeless black and white colours with shades of navy, blue, grey. “Green Forest” original marble used as a kitchen backsplash.
Kitchen has been designed to blend in with living space furnitures. Fridge, cupboards and other appliances are discreetly integrated into the entire kitchen design.
The focal point in the living room is the wall covered by silver wallpaper and painted by designer itself. All pictures hanged of the wall was taken by Helena Michel especially to fit the room and matched to the overall design concept.
Green Forest marble on the bathroom walls with shades of grey on the floor and wall tiles.
More info and pictures you’ll find in my portfolio.

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