Bathroom Design – from project to realisation

Bathroom Design – from project to realisation

Bathroom Design – from project to realisation

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This bathroom is situated in Show Apartment in Wejherowo, Poland. Bathroom design by Helena Michel (Michel Design).
The designer focused on create a modern, timeless look by using good materials and highly skilled craftsmen.
Originally this interior was smaller.The original bathroom layout was changed. The wall separating the kitchen from the bathroom has been moved back to create a space for sliding door wardrobe. Dark brown natural veneer wall cladding with shades of beige “stonewood” tiles on the floor and wall around a bath-tube.
White furniture designed to measure in contrast to deep purple color of the walls. Huge mirrors reflects space and make it looks bigger and brighter.


Project: Michel Design

Photos: Marcin Pawlowski and Helena Michel


More info and photos in my portfolio.


projekt-lazienki-Helena-Michel_03projekt-lazienki-Helena-Michel_04projekt-lazienki-Helena-Michel_05batroom-design-helena-michel projkt-lazienki-michel-designprojekt-lazienki-helena-michel-designdobre-wnetrze-michel-design projekt-lazienki-gdansk     projekt-wnetrza-helena-michel

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